Upcoming Events and Meeting:

Tuesday, April 6, 2021, at 7:00 p.m. at the Creekside Church. Located at 2743 82nd Place in Urbandale.

Our group support the Des Moines Buccaneers USHL Hockey Team!


50/50 Rules

Date Amount Ticket # Claimed
10/5/20 to 1/29/2021 NO 50/50 @ Wells Fargo
1/30/2021 $333 024694 Yes
1/31/2021 $187 194384 Yes
2/20/2021 $429 195116 Yes
2/26/2021 $376 099706 Yes
3/05/2021 $322 306512 Yes
3/19/2021 $400 307293 Yes
3/20/2021 $217 830073 Yes
4/02/2021 $75 830423 Yes


Our group supports the Des Moines Buccaneers USHL Hockey Team!

We are a nonprofit fan organization whose purpose is to provide support to the Des Moines Buccaneers USHL Hockey team, its players, coaches, staff, families and fans.  We work with the staff and fans to organize events and to promote Buccaneers Hockey.  We meet the first Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m.  (Except for July & August) Our meetings last approximately 1 hour.  Everyone is invited to attend.  Our yearly membership dues are $5.00.  You don’t have to be a member to attend but it is required to vote.

Our goal is to raise money to provide meals and activities for the players, specialty equipment for the team, and community outreach.  We raise money by selling 50/50 tickets at the game, membership fees, and jersey auctions.


2020/2021 Leadership Team

Shelly West – President
Kevin Eppens – Vice President
Sarah Bantz – Secretary
Megan Dirksen  – Treasurer

Contact us at Contact@BucsBoosters.com or at  515 278-BUCS (2827)